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    House SM

    The project enhances the spatial qualities of the house recurring to a simple materials palette and few simple detail solutions. The core of the apartment has been completely transformed to suit new bathrooms and a laundry. The original labyrinthine distribution has been rationalized by reshaping the main corridor which leads from the entrance to the bedrooms and by connecting the kitchen with the large living room in order to allow the whole 15m depth of the apartment to be perceived. Slightly retreating the access doors to the bedrooms, the main corridor gives the illusion of proceeding further, thus suggesting an even bigger house. The living room is accessible from the corridor through two new large portals that define two possible accesses, respectively from the kitchen and from the sleeping area.
    The existing granite floor has been maintained and restored in the living area. The floor of the rooms, the corridor and the kitchen is covered with oak planks. The bathrooms are cladded with 10x10cm ceramic tiles. Contrary to the typical Milanese apartment, the project tries to resort to the minimum required number of doors in order to give the house a more open and free character.

    Nicolà Munaretto
    Guido Tesio




    140 sqm

    70.000 Euro

    Tharros Edilizia di Gildo Meli

    Image credits
    Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti