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Primary School

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Ita / Eng

Primary School

The new school building is located in the center of a dense district. A compact volume, defined through a clear gesture, according to simple construction rules and an accurate organization of spaces, rises like a lantern with its generous glazed surfaces and the vibrations of its metal facade.The public and institutional character of the project is underlined by the transparency and the visual relations which are established between the activities inside and the outside spaces.The most public part of the programme is located on the first two floors. The classrooms, grouped on the top two floors, are distributed around a verdant and intimate courtyard that visually connects the spaces and brings natural light to the wide distribution corridors throughout the day.On each floors, through large sliding glass doors, all the rooms benefit from an exit to a protected continuous balcony. This space, open to the neighborhood, is available to students during the break and secured by the presence of a wire mesh.

Nicolà Munaretto
Guido Tesio
Andrea Pizzini


Genève, Switzerland

3500 sqm


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