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Corridors are tools for the appropriation and control of space. Corridors introduce one and only one direction, they are linked to the idea of sequence, of a before and after, of a forward and a backward, of a right and a left. Corridors reduces and simplify space; hence their success as organizing devices.

Modern culture has a problematic relationship with corridors. A fundamental tool for the satisfaction of its needs for efficiency and rationality, the corridor is at the same time an obstacle for the pursuit of its highest ideals of freedom and flexibility.

Typological paradigm of a modern reorganization of society (hospitals, prisons, office buildings, colleges, collective housing, etc.) with the emergence of the idea of the free-plan, the corridor soon became synonymous with segregation and anonymity.

In its ambivalence of space that connects but at the same time segregates - which regulates but at the same time ignores the regions it crosses - the corridor remains relegated to the margins of architectural research which, being unable to really get rid of it, has mostly decided to ignore it.

As necessary as it is superfluous, the contemporary corridor is not so much an object of design, as an object of regulatory prescriptions; no longer a space to be occupied the corridor has become an evacuation mechanism.

The exercise involves the design of 10 corridors, located on 10 different floors of an ideal 10-storey building. Each group of students is given maximum freedom in imagining the program hosted on each floor of the building. However, it will only be allowed to design its distribution spaces.

Workshop Interior Design
IED Roma, Via Casilina 51

Nicolà Munaretto
Guido Tesio


Lorenzo Cervoni
Daria D’Angelo
Elisa D’Angelo
Vittorio Di Gregorio
Giulia Di Meo
Barbara Farletti
Angelica Fenoaltea
Chiara Guarra
Veronica Maiorano
Giulia Mandrella
Isabel Merary Maquillon Padilla
Antonia Alessia Mariconda
Stefania Marigliani
Flavia Marrazzo
Mauro Martino
Livia Mazzocchetti
Luca Piotto Piotto
Gabriele Soricelli
Beatrice Stella
Gianmarco Valenza

Louis De Belle