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Elementary School

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Elementary School

The new school project is a fundamental element in the reorganization of the whole area. A single volume, 150m long, can be crossed in two points. Along its curtain wall, two openings are clearly identifiable.

The layout of the project is based on the succession of three bodies with specific functions (Civic Center, School, Sports Facilities) which react to the current supply of structures for collective use in the area.

The element that most characterizes the building of the new school is certainly the facade, a continuous loggia intended to accommodate the growth of climbing plants and essences over time. The project proposes an "inhabited envelope" through the addition, to the body of the building itself, of new steel spatial structures capable of extending educational activities on outdoor terraces. The creation of a "light and open" facade is also a tool for transmitting the pedagogical values of a school open to the outside. During the winter, these spaces allow the classrooms to take advantage of large windows overlooking directly outside without compromising privacy and security. During the summer, the terraces define a real extension of the classroom space. The modularity and repetition of these "hybrid" spaces give the project a linear and abstract image while emphasizing its visual permeability and relationship with the outside.

NicolĂ  Munaretto
Guido Tesio
Andrea Arianese
Lilit Khachatryan

Francesca Pedroni


Segrate, Milano

8.500 sqm